Hero Surgeon Treks 8 Miles Through Snow To Help A Cancer Patient

For a surgeon who was keen on saving a precious life, walking those extra miles through the dangerous snow was “ not a big deal”! She trekked through the snow for almost three hours to operate on a cancer patient. Consultant surgeon Linndsey Chishlom has been called “a superwoman” by the man she treated portrays the best expression of her courteous mission!

Despite a red alert snow,Lindsey walked eight miles from her home in the west of Glasgow to the hospital in Paisely . Heavy snow and freezing temperature brought much of Scotland to a standstill last week and the red alert for snow came into force on Wednesday afternoon. However against all the odds, the surgeon was determined to make her trekking to reach out to her patient whose surgery was scheduled for the day! She got up early morning and walked the eight miles to the hospital to carry out an operation to Mr McAndrew, a colon cancer patient!

“I had the right equipment, I knew there was no avalanche risk, I was not going to get lost, and there were places I could stop on the way if the weather did become absolutely terrible so I just didn’t think anything of it.” She explained her ways to make it!

Infact ,Mr McAndrew was never expecting the surgeon will reach in time as the breaking news about the snow fall was talked over phones by the staffs around him. But when she show up at the right time ,dressed in her winter gear with goggles and snow poles , the staffs and the patients,  both were amazed!!

Mr McAndrew shared his feelings saying “When she walked in my heart took a wee jump. I thought it was amazing. If there is a real life superwoman she is it…I couldn’t believe she’d walked nearly eight miles to do surgery on me”

 The surgeon was kind enough to perform a second cancer operation later on the same day! Her own patients are praising her for the kindness and courtesy will be the great rewards a surgeon can ever receive in her life. Their words are remarkable and are worth repeating here..

“She’s just a very nice person and I hope people applaud what she has done for me and what she has for the NHS to prove that the good people work for the NHS”!