Man With Down Syndrome Has Heartwarming Reaction When He Receives Surprise Promotion At Coffee Shop

What a precious moment for a truly deserving worker to receive a new title of honor. Trevor, a young man with Down syndrome who loves to entertain people receives a surprise promotion from his manager and his happy excitement is worth watching!

Army Wright and her husband started their Coffee Shop in Wilmington, North Carolina to help support the less privileged people like Trevor. Wrights have two children with Down syndrome and they knew what would happen to them once they joined the workforce. They started the cafe for those who are with intellectual or developmental disabilities to make them feel at home. Whether it’s their employees or customers, ‘everyone’ is warmly welcomed at Bitty and Beau’s!

So when 23 year old Trevor Jefferson, joined at Bitty and Beau’s as a barista, he certainly found his home to live with! Trevor used to known as a social butterfly, was always been an inspiring member of the team and was always there in the front end to encourage others! A place like Bitty and Beau’s where diversity is not only appreciated, but it is celebrated, the role of Trevor was vital for its mission achievement. So the Wrights took a right decision to promote Trevor and have it attested with the official announcement..

“You love to dance. And you entertain. And so I thought it was time to give you a promotion,”

The heartwarming video shows the young man is recognized with great accolades and the surprise announcement was too much for Trevor to hold. The moment the young barista sees his official title on the certificate, he expresses his joy in the heartwarming way.

Congratulations Trevor! Keep on shining!

Man with Down syndrome gets huge surprise at work, and the smile on his face says it all

WATCH: Trevor Jefferson is a barista, "dance machine" and has Down syndrome. He works at a coffee shop that hires people with disabilities, and recently got a huge surprise from his boss

Posted by CBS News on Tuesday, June 5, 2018