Sweet Grandma Had No Idea Someone Was Filming Her Kind Gesture Of Love

A grandmother’s small act of kindness made a lot of impact on her granddaughter and she speaks about it loudly. She posted a short video of her grandma handing garbage men cold drink on a hot day, and lots of people are moved to see her sweet gesture of love. And the 15 second video with a caption “Caught my grandma in the act” teaches everyone on how to love others in a practical way and you too will love to learn it!

This sweet grandma had no idea that someone is filming, when she stepped outdoors on that hot day. She carried two ice cold drinks to give to the trash collector who works outside in the sun. She then handed the cold drinks to the garbage man working in her neighborhood with a gentle smile and lots of love!

Infact, showing kindness to the trash collectors is a daily occurrence and her grandmother is keen to do something as simple and kind as this so often! The granddaughter is so glad to speak about her cute grandma and these are the little things that inspire her a lot!

Don’t you think, the sweet grandma proves, a small action filled with love is good enough to touch people’s heart!