How A T- Shirt Saved This Father’s Life Is So Inspiring

With the help of a t- shirt and a viral social media post Richie and Rob is now sharing a unbreakable bond. There were five moments for this Sixty year old Robert Leibowitz to be too desperate to get his kidney transplanted- one for his each kids!Suffering from chronic kidney disease this single father of 5 knew he had to choose some unique way to find a matching kidney to save his life! And what he does becomes an answer for his prayer!

While on a family vocation at Disney World he wrote a t- shirt emblazoned with a plea, his blood type and a prayer for nine consecutive days. Also they took a picture of it and post it in the internet and his plea becomes viral in the net and the phone started ringing nonstop.Finally he was blessed to receive that call from a complete stranger named Richie Sully, a 39 old father of two from Indiana to help him with his kidney!

Even though Richie was initially bit concerned about all the hassles included in the kidney transplantation process like, chance of losing his own life and not getting time to spend with his kids and the various travels to New York, and lots of blood work etc to save a then stranger’s life! But he proved. he not only have two kidneys but a big heart too, bigger than one can imagine!!

After mountains of tests and months filled with anxiety , finally the answer to Robert’s prayer came when he received the word from doctors saying that Richie’s kidney is a match for him!The surgery was successful and both Richie and Rob is now doing well and resting comfortably at the hospital under doctors monitoring!

Proceeding with the t-shirt plea now their touching story is making news in the internet further restoring hope and love in humanity!