Teacher Was Surprised To See The Gifts From His Students For His Cancer Diagnosed Toddler Son!

Incredibly generous caring of these students is a real paragon to the world! These 12th grade students used the right opportunity to show their appreciation to their respected teacher who always brings a positive attitude in the classroom ! They were apt to select some brand new game consoles for his toddler son who is down with cancer!

Nathan Neidigk, a pre-calculus teacher at Volcano Vista High School in Albuquerque, has been under an extreme amount of stress after his 2 year old son Michael was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this month! That too after a tragedy of losing his wife to death on 2015!

Nathan Neidigk’s loving students contributed $20 each to help buy the game console, a Nintendo Switch and Zelda which they knew their teacher wished to have ,but wouldn’t be able to buy them himself due to his son’s medical expenses!And the Teacher who was out of classroom for a week and when he has returned , he was shocked to see this gesture of generosity from his students!

The video captured for the heartfelt moments of this wonderful love! We pray for a quick healing for little Michael and a healthy longevity!