Teen Buying Coats For Homeless Doesn’t See Stranger Snap His Photo Until It Goes Viral

This 19 year old boy was inspired by the story’s he’d read online of people hanging jackets on poles and fences for the homeless. Fredrick White who knows the pain of being poor from his own childhood experience wanted to do something good for his fellowman and went to the Goodwill store and bought several coats for the less fortunate homeless!

His act of good will was purely out of love and never expected to his picture taken or to get any viral fame on the internet. But while  paying that $ 65 at the bill counter Fredrick got struck up in a conversation with a stranger named Jim Glasgow. Jim was infact astonished to see the bunch of coats in the teen’s hand and when Fredrick told him about his mission of giving the coats to the homeless, the stranger was stunned and couldn’t help snapping photo of  this amazing love.

Jim wanted to share his inspiring story with the millions and asked his daughter Haley to post it in facebook, and in no time this kind gesture of loving kindness went viral in the net . And when Fredrick got  the news about his picture in the internet during his work time,he was literally in shock saying “ Oh my God, they snapped a picture of me”

This teenager is truly a paragon to many millions as he is known for such good will activities and he even was credited the mentoring program to help “find his voice” to make an impact in the community. White’s mentor, Laurie Monlie with United Way’s Get Connected program said , she met Fredrick during his junior year of high school and wasn’t surprised to find out what he has done! White is is also recognized with a $200 gift card from Maureen Ater with Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio!

This teen’s vision statement is worth hearing! “ One good deed for each person , just wake up and do something different” !!