Young Man Spend His Lunch Break Holding Up A Broken Stop Sign

Logan Duncan was concerned for the lives of people when he decided to hold the broken stop sign in the hot. The young man used his lunch break to hold up the broken stop sign to keep the community safe from accidents.

Logan was driving down the road when he noticed the broken stop sign. Someone had run over it at the intersection and he knew the absence of stop sign can cause car collisions. Witnessing the dangerous scenario, Logan drove back to the intersection when he went on his lunch break at work.

Randy Jones, who was doing the construction work at the Oklahoma City spotted Logan standing in the sizzling heat. He was moved to see his great gesture of love and immediately called the city workers to fix the sign. Jones also made sure to snap a photo of the young man holding the sign and posted the same on his Facebook ! And the citizens of the city of Oklahoma city appreciated Logan for his incredible act of kindness.

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