Teen’s ‘Promposal’ To Best Friend With Down Syndrome Will Melt Your Heart

A teenager named Rachel Newberry asked her best friend, Ben who has Down Syndrome to go to prom with her in the most beautiful way. And her creative “promposal” is most attractive with touching moments for people to love it!In the video posted online, Rachel Newberry’s ‘promposal’ with her best friend Ben, is drawing much attention and its pretty good!

Now when the prom season is here, Rachel chooses to make an extraordinary ‘promposal’ with her friend Ben. So she made a creative way to ask for prom date with her best friend from childhood. She made a unique style to make her friend feel special by arranging the entire event with a surprise.

The video shows, Ben is handed flowers as he walks into an auditorium while Randy Newman’s “You Got A Friend In Me” was playing. Just after a moment, the girl appeared behind the curtain and asked Ben to go to prom with her. Ben was surprised and amazed with the proposal and when he finds that she did this all for him, he literally sit down is tears!

Ben and Rachel have been friends since they were young. Rachel always wished to take him to prom, and she even told her mom about her desire long back at her elementary school time itself! And now when the time comes, she made her “promposal” in the most lovely manner. I hope the teen friends will have a great prom date! All The Best!

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