Teen Sees Elderly Woman Sitting Outside In Hot Sun, He Grabs An Umbrella And Shade Her

Love and kindness are wired in our being and we use it sporadically for our fellow human! But when we extend it to the right person, it attracts its own regards and recognition. Here a young man is aptly praised for his kind gesture of love in shading an elderly lady from the hot sun. He got an umbrella from his car and spent almost two hours using it to protect the woman who was sitting in wheelchair waiting for bus!

Louis Jordan was picking his mother up from work in downtown Houston, Texas when he noted this woman in wheelchair. While the crowds were passing by, he stopped near her with an umbrella filled with love. They enjoy each other’s company and share some laugh and chat as they waits for the bus to come.

His mother Bernette Botts was proud and happy to see his son’s way of caring the needy. She snapped the photo and posted in to social media for the millions to reciprocate!

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