Teen Brings College Baseball Game To Dying Grandma’s Backyard So She Can Watch

19 year old college baseball player was so much close to his grandma and was heartbroken to see her inability to watch his game. So instead allowing her to miss his game , he made arrangements to bring the team to ailing grandma’s backyard, so that she could watch it.

His grandmother Marilyn Seavers was enduring her stage 4 lung cancer and the treatments have made her too weak to leave the house for her grandson’s game in march. But her grandson, Zach who loves her so much was determined  for her to see him play in a college uniform. He then asked his teammates on the Lewis and Clark College Baseball team, if they would play a game in his grandmother’s back yard, and they all were ready to support.

The next morning, he told his aunt to help his grandma into her wheelchair and position her in front of her bedroom window and open the blinds. And when she saw that a dozen young athletes had drawn a makeshift baseball diamond on her backyard, she was stunned to fathom! Overwhelmed in happiness she shed some happy tears and sat there in disbelief!

“She was more than a grandma for me and my sister, and we were like friends. We’d go to movies together, she took me shopping for homecoming, we played a lot of pranks on each other…and wherever we had a game, she was there” . He cherished all the loving memories about his grandmother.

Unfortunately two weeks after the surprise game, his grandmother passed away at the age of 78.

“It meant a lot to me to be able to pull that together for her”.

Zach was happy that he could do such heartwarming event for his grandmother! Truly this grandmother was blessed to enjoy such loving family!