Terminally Ill Man Meets Newborn Great-Granddaughter For The First And Last Time

A terminally ill man was fortunate enough to meet his newborn great granddaughter to say “ My life is now complete” ! The elderly man wells up in tears to see the infant in incubator and expressed his great joy in words of fulfillment!

Joy Caitlyn Phero gave birth to her daughter, Chloe May Kubat on 3rd June, and was so happy to show Chloe to her grand father who was a patient at Voorhees Township Hospital in New Jersey! It was a kind nurse named ‘Randi’ who helped her to fulfill her dream. Throughout her pregnancy she was concerned about her “Pop Pop” thinking whether he would be able to see her daughter or not! But by God’s grace her beloved “Pop Pop” could meet her daughter on June 13 and he died after 5 days on June 18th.

The touching video shows her beloved “Pop Pop” wells up with emotions as the baby is wheeled into his room in an incubator. Phero has captured this precious moments and shared it with all to extend her great gratitude in helping her to fulfill their dream!

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