Terry Bradshaw Shares Heartfelt Testimony On How Jesus Saved His Life

NFL icon Terry Bradshaw speaking about his faith in Jesus and how Jesus has saved his life in a heartfelt testimony is so powerful. The famous sports guru spoke about the beautiful moments of Salvation and how that helped him to overcome depressions and enabled him to move ahead in life forgiven and accepted is simply beautiful!

“I had one of those great, wonderful, salvation moments in my life,” he said. “It was one of those moments that I knew that God’s spirit had moved into my heart … I couldn’t escape it. Because I learned that God forgave me.”

He spoke about the spiritual side of his life in an interview which was held about a decade ago. The sports guru chatted about his upbringing, criticism from the media and the power of prayer etc. in that one on one interview session. But throughout the interview, he talks about Jesus and the Salvation experience he received as gift from God as the integral points in his life.And the well known sports commentator has revealed his faith and prayer as the backbone of all major decision in his life .

“…everything that I’ve done, everything that I do, is to this day; all major decisions are all through prayer,”

What a powerful testimony for the living God and an encouragement for all those who face challenges in life…