This 4-Year-Old Superhero Is Using His power To Feed The Homeless

A 4 year old super boy is spreading hope for homeless with a touching message “Don’t forget to show love,” will make you admire him! He moves around in the streets with the power to feed the homeless like a superhero and feeds the homeless with love and compassion! He is faster than a speeding stroller and able to reach out to the needy with his loving mission.

Austin Perine is a mild mannered child from Birmingham, Alabama. He has started feeding the homeless after he saw a TV show about Pandas. It showed a mama panda abandoning a baby and Austin’s father, TJ Perine told his son that the cub is now homeless. That’s when he asked his father “ What’s homeless” and the father explained “’It’s when you don’t have a home and sometimes you don’t have mom or dad around,” And the child was curious to ask, “Are people homeless” ?

And when he learned that some people are homeless and some are hungry too, the boy was moved with compassion to love them. He told his parents that he wanted all his allowance and money they would spend on toys to go toward chicken sandwiches for the poor. He has launched the caped crusade and he goes by the name “President Austin”, a name he himself selected that the “President” is supposed to do.

Not only he just gives the sandwiches, he also finds time for a bit of advice. He tells each of them “Don’t forget to show love,” and most of them will accept it immediately. His way of loving and caring for the needy people is worth practicing,Don’t you think he is laying aside a paragon for each citizen’s in the nation to follow!

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