3-Year-Old Hero Calls 911 And Saves Her Mother’s Life

Authorities and people around the nation is praising this hero toddler for the life saving call she made when her mother passed out at their home. Despite only being 3-year-old, Dorothy Craig knew she needed to act quickly on Wednesday and dialed 911 to help save her mother!

When she learned that her mother was asleep on the floor and unable to wake up, Dorothy did what she’d been trained to do. She grabbed her mother’s phone and dialed 911. When the Liberty County dispatcher Leal Holley answered Dorothy’s call, what she could hear from the other was the child repeating “Momma, momma”!

Holley attempted to get as much information as she could from the toddler and they have spend almost 30 minutes going door-to door, looking for Dorothy and her mother. And when they arrived, the whole family was in a very precarious situation. Craig lay unconscious on the kitchen floor, her 2 year old son was in a sink full of water and a 5 month old baby was secured in a car seat on the floor.

Miranda Craig, who lives in Liberty County, Texas with her three children, suffers from narcolepsy. That day Craig failed to take her medication and which is why she passed out. Thankfully, she has taught her daughter to call for help in the event of an emergency and the mother is so happy that she did it!

“When she was really little, I taught her how to call 911,” Craig explained. “And she’s done it for me twice now, and she’s my little — she’s my little hero.”

Watching her incredible act of saving the whole family. This video will make us to say the same! She is a ‘little hero’!

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