“Never Quit, There Is Always A Brighter Day” Inspiring Words Of Triple Amputee

Triple amputee Matt is really determined and passionate to walk his talks “Never quit, there’s always a brighter day!!Army Staff Sergeant Matt Lammers has lost both his legs and an arm in a shell explosion happened at Iraq! Even after this heavy loss, this young man continued his swimming at the Davis Monthan pool , three or four miles ,five days a week.So many hours in the pool paid him off with a great reward, he could gain enough speed to win three gold medals and a bronze in the Warrior Games!

Determined Matt was serving at Iraq and an improved bomb blew up his HUMV. His vehicle was almost back at his base when he was hit again. The incident has taken away his left hand on the spot of the bomb blast and he was rushed to the field hospital! Sergeant Lammers lost so much blood and giving anesthesia was dangerous to his life! What the surgeon gave him was a blue hospital rag to bite down, and he endured three amputations with nothing to shut out the pain.

However this tragedy has made him depressed and self pity, resulting himself hiding from the public!During this tough time,his meeting with Alecia  turned out to be a great success. Alecia was the night store manager where Matt used to do the shopping and she was kind enough to help Matt to get rid off from his self pity and eventually she decided to push through this challenging life decision.Now with “love, determination and holding each other , the couple is moving forward with the same goals!

She is so happy to be part of his success and, Matt winning the Warrior Games is the best appreciation for her selfless love!Matt and Alecia Lammers has learned to win and conquer every obstacles on their way and their touching story is really worth reading!

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