4-Months-Old Baby Saying ‘I Love You’ To Her Twin Sister Is Simply Adorable!

Baby girl, Willow was early enough to greet her identical sister with some tiny words  saying“I love you” in just 4 months of age. These two little girls were lying on bed and the one named Willow , turns to her sister Kitty on her left and makes noises that sounds like saying “I love you”. Her actions and the sounds were so matching that their mother Sarah Hawkins was astonished to see their love!This adorable video was taken when these baby’s were just four months old and now the twins are of 2 years old with other siblings!

These special kids are making fun together and despite spending two weeks apart in incubator the twins has a very close bonding. Willow is the parent’s chattier twin and the family live in Somerset with the father Iain Bell, 32 who is from South Africa.Kitty and Willow have a brother called Rafael and he is still learning words but speaks well and their younger sister named Coco, were separated at birth because they were born premature,and the mother is worried that they wouldn’t bond!

Enjoy watching an old precious moment from a mother’s heart.Such an adorable love to start your day