Brave 2-Year-Old Practices Saving His Dad In An Emergency

Soon after he sees the dad lying on the bedroom, he was quick to pick up the phone and say “Hello 999? Daddy needs some help”. Thinking his dad is on first aid requirement the little one started his recovery procedures in the most brilliant way.

2 year old Sebastian Marques had shown a keen interest in the emergency service and helping people after learning about in playgroup. His parents Marco and Natalie from Banbury, Oxford-shire explained to their super hero child he could save lives by learning the recovery position. When they have decided to teach him how to react in a potential emergency, they did a live demo for the little one !

Adorable video shows that the two year old Sebastian putting his dad in the recovery position and reaching out to 999 for help. After the phone call was made he came back and did the other necessary positioning to help save his dad’s life! After he has finished doing all that he learned, his mom has confirmed his brilliance with a “Well Done” approval!

I am sure he is destined to help many people in their emergency situations! Watching his innocent responses will blow your mind !