World War II Veteran Gets The “Best Christmas Present” From a Stranger At Grocery Store!

A simple gesture of love can make a huge impact on human’s heart. A 93 year old world war II veteran is so happy to have his “best Christmas present” this time. Holding that $50 note in hand he was moved in emotion to share about his best Christmas experience!

George Seney Jr . from Orlando was at a grocery store in Florida over the weekend when the women came over to him and gave him the best surprise.While he was standing on the line at a Publix in New Smyrna Beach, a lady on the end of the line noticed that the old man was WWII veteran and she came over and thanked him for the service and hugged him saying “ I want you to have a Merry Christmas” and put something on his hand !

This veteran who served in Coast Guard during the war was overwhelmed to realize that the women handed him$50 and he was quick to find that lady to return the money saying that’s too much money. But she was glad in repeating her wishes “I want you to have a Merry Christmas”.

He was sharing this gracious act with his younger son and he put out a call on social media to find that “stranger women”. Because Seney wanted to make sure that “her  simple gesture had a lasting impact on him and this is the best Christmas present he’ve ever received”!Keeping the love and memories with himself , George Seney was glad enough to donate that precious gift of $50!

I wish you all have such lasting memorable Christmas this year! Merry Christmas!

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