Flash Mob Proposal In Famous Vienna Square Is The Best One You’ll Ever See

This stunning dance was orchestrated for a surprise flash mob proposal and this woman was in for this beautiful moment! Watching such incredible dance performance, she never thought its gonna end up in such amazing way until she saw him in their midst!

Infact, everyone  who has gathered there knew that it was going to be an amazing show.When the HSV Zwolfaxing Austrian-Vienniese Dance Club took to the world famous Stephansdom in the middle of Vienna the public were happy to enjoy their performance. And when they have arrayed with a popular song”Marry Me “ the whole crowd look foreword for something extraordinary from the event! One by one by the couples gathered with their amazing dancing skill and the romantic music ” I Think I Wanna Marry You”was up on the air!

The talented dance groups performs all over the square and impresses everyone with their stunning moves. But eventually all of the dancers moved towards the corner and  stand in a line to welcome a man with a bouquet of roses in their midst! That’s when this lucky lady emerges from the crowd with a stunned expression spreads all over her face!

All of them were glad to witness that precious moment when he kneel down with the same song..Marry Me!

And the whole episode was brilliantly coordinated, just for this beautiful moment and imagine, how much she would have enjoyed it! Truly it was a beautiful day for her!

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