Popular Hollywood Star Fulfills His Dream To Sing About Jesus With Gospel Choir

Most famous Hollywood star Vin Diesel chooses a beautiful plan to fulfil his long awaited dream to sing about Jesus with Gospel Choir. Mark Sinclair popularly knows by his stage name Vin Diesel was happy to open up his heart saying.. “I just wanted to say that a dream of mine always, has been to have the confidence to sing in a choir. Although my grandmother would take me to the choir every weekend, I never had that little bit of confidence to get up there and sing”

His unfulfilled wish that held deep meaning for him become true when his new film had a scene in a church. They had shortlisted the most famous gospel group Sharon Riley for their film .Vin Diesel took up this golden opportunity to sing for Jesus along with the choir team saying” Since I’m in a circle of love with Sharon Riley and the Faith Chorale, I am going to attempt what I thought was not possible” .The 13 member Sharon Riley and the Faith Chorale ended up singing with the star and fulfilled his wish.

Watching him singing along with the choir the beautiful rendition “Oh Happy Day” is altogether a unique experience to witness! ! Even the choir manager Lloyd Lawrence shared about the professional and loving atmosphere they had with him!


WATCH: Vin Diesel fulfills his dream of singing with a gospel choir. “Oh happy day!”

Posted by Good Morning America on Thursday, 14 April 2016