Vocal Group Singing ‘O Praise The Name’ Will Leave You Worshipping

“Praise the Lord, all people on earth, praise His glory and might”(1 Chro 16:28)

Talented vocal group singing the beautiful rendition “O Praise The Name” is filled with the glory of God! Cade Foehner, Jessica Hopkins and Hanna Collins singing the beautiful Hillsong cover is good enough to fill our spirit with praises to God!

A consistent and continuous reminder from God is to praise His name! Because there is power in praising His name!He came down from heaven to earth to give us the heavenly inheritance! He was willing to pay the ransom for our redemption and restored us into his glorious kingdom.Because of our Lord’s finished work on the cross we are now one with Christ and co-heirs of all His inheritance!

The glorious revelation of Jesus’ resurrections is that we are justified and Christ- the hope of Glory is in us!! When you see your Savior on that cursed tree, remember this gospel truth and choose to praise His name forever!

“When you see these things, your heart will rejoice”(Isa 66:14)