Volunteer Cries Like A Child When She Hold Newborn Fox Pups For The First Time

Adorable video shows a woman is crying in emotions of joy to hold the new born fox cubs for the first time in her life. These were the cute moments to overwhelm her in tears of emotions and her sweet reactions are worth watching.

Kellie Fruse had been a volunteer at Saveafox Rescue for seven months. This is the first time she was given the opportunity to hold the fox kits and pick out their new names.On being handed with two new born fox babies, she was vehemently covered with excitement of joy and love with the cubs. Kellie had seen kissing them , holding them in her bosom with lots of passion and love. And she gave her  fox kits such a cute names- “Bonnie and Clyde”!

Mikayla Raines, who runs the Saveafox Rescue firm in Minnesota was happy to see her volunteer’s response and fetched it in her camera to cherish forever!