Good Samaritans Carry WWII Veteran To Wife’s Grave To Pay Respects

An act of kindness from two “Good Samaritans” has made the day of an old veteran. Two kind volunteers helped an elderly veteran pay respect to his late wife when its was needed . They have stepped in and carried the elderly military veteran to his wife’s graveyard to pay respect to his late wife.

96 year old George Boone came to visit his wife’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery to pay respects. Unfortunately his son forgets to bring the wheelchair for his elderly father to move. That’s when this volunteers came forward extending their helping hand. They have held him there for 10 minutes while he paid respect to his wife, Alma, who died in 2007 . Without any hesitation,they have even insisted to carry him back to the car .Their act of kindness has touched the heart of Boone’s son and made him feel proud to be an American.

Boone, who lives in North Carolina, was held as a prisoner of war after his plane was shot down during World War II.

I am sure, this kind gesture of love from the volunteers would have made him much happy and secure!

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