Kind Volunteers Helps Homeless Veteran To Move Into His Childhood Home

A homeless veteran could move to his renovated childhood house by the help of a group of volunteers from HVAF. More than 70 volunteers from Home Depot and the Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation came forward helping the veteran to restore his home. Their loving kindness in supporting him at the wit’s end of his life made him to feel blessed and was overwhelmed in great gratitude and joy!

60 year old Michael Malone served 20 years in the Air Force and he recently had lost several family members including his mother and daughter. In top of that he was not in a position to stay at his childhood home which he inherited from his mother.His childhood home was in need of several repairs and he couldn’t pay for the extensive repair cost. The heartbreaking looses were too much for this veteran to endure and he wound up living in a homeless veterans facility.

But hearing the news about Malone’s circumstance, a group of workers from Home Depot and Volunteers from America rallied together to spend their time working for his house in free of charge. They were kind enough to team for his house renovation which includes the bathroom remodeling, installing new floors and painting the interiors of the house etc. After a few days of work, his childhood house was perfect in shape with all its precious memories for Malone to move in!

Malone says he feels so blessed and is grateful for the overwhelming support they have extended and expressed his emotional feelings saying ..

“This just blows me away that there are people that are really truly that kind”. “It absolutely restores my view of humanity” 

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