Former Pastor And Walmart Greeter Honors Veterans With Patriotic songs

A Walmart greeter honoring the local veterans by singing patriotic songs at the Chardon superstore is going viral. His extraordinary way of honoring the war veterans was heartily welcomed by the staffs and shoppers at the store. They all pause and pay tribute while Freddy Davidson belts an honorable tune for the veterans.

Freddy Davidson, who is a retired pastor from Ohio, got the idea after seeing a Korean War veteran standing near the check out area, beneath a flag that was hanging from the ceiling.

“I saw the flag up there and said, ‘hey, let me honor your service and let me sing the National Anthem if you’ll stand with me,’ and he said yes,” Davidson said

He then sung the heartwarming patriotic song from the Star Spangled Banner – God Bless America! His song was great enough to move many veterans in tears with words of gratitude!! “It’s very heartwarming,” Marine Corps Veteran Bill Gibson told . “It gives me the shivers.”

Davidson, who has been in the wheelchair due to a severe back pain, made sure to get up and manage to stand during the National Anthem!

“I can’t stand for more than 4-5 minutes, but I stand for the anthem,” he said. “It is painful, but you just don’t notice it.”

What a great way to honor our heroes.