Violinist Stuns Walmart Shoppers With His Incredible Talent

This mystery violinist stuns the Walmart shoppers with his passionate violin playing and his talent draws many to his skill .Initially the people were not sure about the source of this beautiful melody until they notice a man skillfully playing the violin next to a woman who is pregnant.His hauntingly beautiful melody hit the ears of many and people slow down to enjoy his outstanding music.

At the Walmart parking lot this guy was spotted playing the song “All of Me” by John legend and a sign board next to him speaks about the reason for the same. The sign displayed ” please help me , i have two kids and have no money for rent and bills…God bless you”..And many were kind enough to extend their helping hand to the open violin box kept near him!

Even though nobody knows where his life has taken him that he has to do this play to try and make a living to support his family. But it was too obvious that he is extremely talented in playing violin and he loves his family so much to do this on the road!

Eddie Ramirez, who has posted a video of this mystery violinist in Facebook said” He had apparently seen all over Polk County, Florida and playing music to make ends meets”! Thank God, he so blessed to have amazing talent to please the people and listening him playing so passionately will fill your heart to support him to meet his needs!