Bride-To-Be Send Invitation To The Wrong Address, It Comes Back With A Sweet Surprise Inside

A wedding invitation sent to the wrong address becomes a sweet surprise to an Oregon couple! In the midst of planning a wedding, the bride to be – Cassie Warren wrote down the wrong address in her invitation card. She meant to send the invitation to her aunt and uncle in Eugene, but ended up landing at someone else mail box! But the real surprise was, when they received the reply from the “wrong address” recipient!

Cassie and her fiancé Jesse Jones is getting married on June and was surprised to receive the return invitation in their mail on last Monday, and the stranger wrote on the front of the invitation..

” I wish I knew you- this is going to be a blast. Congratulations- go have dinner on me. I’ve been married for 40 years. It gets better with age”!

Jesse is a personal support worker for a family who has kids with autism and Cassie is a nanny for a family in Eugene.The couple felt so grateful and blessed to have this message and the 20$  gift attached with it. Not only that, the stranger also went ahead a little further by putting a note in the corner of the envelope saying “ Live long and prosper”. The stranger nod to the popular Star Trek series in the cutest way.And no wonder he added that special wishes, because Cassie and Jesse who are fans of Harry Potter and Star Wars shows Jesse in a Star Wars shirt holding a light saber and Cassie wearing a Harry Potter shirt holding a wand on their invitation card!

They have used the money for the intended purpose .The couple had celebrated their dinner out at a Japanese fusion restaurant with one of their close friend who won’t be able to make it for their wedding.Even though they still don’t know the stranger who wished them these goodness, she still made sure to send another letter to the same address with a tank you note,explaining…

“ It was just a thank you card”. Cassie said.” I thought she should know her act of kindness was appreciated not many people would do that for a stranger”!

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