Angelic Woman Saves Friend’s Baby’s Life By Donating Part Of Her Liver

Selfless love of a friend that has given a second chance of life to a new born baby! Mother’s childhood friend Sarah McKitterick came to the rescue of a baby near death by volunteering to be a liver donor is such an incredible love!

Baby named Finn O’Sullivan was born with both of his lever diseased that was destroying the vital organ and the transplantation was the only remedy . Neither mom nor dad has a matching lever for Finn, but at the right time Sarah McKitterick came extending her help to save this baby’s life by donating her own liver. The doctors have transplanted 15% of her liver into baby Finn! She was out of the hospital in 5 days and this emotional reunion when she saw Finn for the first time since leaving the hospital is so precious to watch! She is happy saying “I feel honored that I got to do this”

Thank God! Within 6 weeks or so, McKitterick’s liver regenerated the portion she donated and baby Finn had an amazing bumpy recovery too. He is now 1 year old and all are ready for his 1st birthday celebration! His Mom is sure that Finn will go on doing amazing things to make Sarah feel proud of him!

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