Woman Battling Brain Cancer Lives Out Her Dream Of Being ‘Showered With Puppies’

Woman battling brain cancer never thought her best friend will give her such a big surprise to live out her big fantasy. This 28 year old woman is experiencing a major fantasy at Sacramento’s public shelter where she was covered by every single puppy the shelter had and broke out in tears of joy and excitements!

At the age of 24, Courtney Gessford, who lives in Sacramento , California was diagnosed with a brain tumor , a cancerous tumor the size of a lemon is growing in her brain! Through out the diagnostics and treatments which involved surgeries, radiations and chemotherapy and she who loves puppies have taken comfort and felt happy around with her family dog, Clyde

Gessford has a childhood friend named, Maria Leoffler who is well aware about her friends huge love for pups and dogs went ahead on a detailed study on the impact of loving therapeutic animals in human lives and  how they experience joy while being around with pups, which made her to arrange a “puppy ambush surprise”for her friend!

Loeffler secretly started her vision for Courtney and reached out to some local breeders with no luck .Later on she met Ryan Hinderman, the Front Street Animal Shelter’s social media coordinator and they were happy to say Yes” as their mission was to improve the lives of both humans and animals through the magic connections of love!

Finally on Jan 7,Loeffler told her friend to wear cute and comfortable clothes and after placing a blindfold and earphones on Gessford , she took her friend to this mystery location. There she guided her to lie down on a pillow- filled kiddie pool and taking off the blindfold and earphones what  she witnessed was too much for this woman to break down in tears!Being in the midst of more than a dozen of her friends and family,one by one puppies are placed on top of her and her reactions says that she was trying to identify whether it’s a reality or a dream!

Gessford who is very optimistic about life has dedicated herself to raising awareness about brain tumors and raising money for the National Brain Tumor Society.She believes that folks seeing her covered in puppies will make them hopeful for themselves as her own experience taught her that“ we are all fighting different battles and if I can inspire people to keep pushing through their own personal challenges , I have succeeded..

She is a runner and still works as the event manager for the Sacramento Business Journal! She is very happy to say that” the disease has not debilitated me in any ways and I’m the luckiest person in the world for that”. Lets us all pray for her speedy recovery!