Woman Wins $1000 A Week Lifetime Lotto, Gives It All Away

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’ and a wise woman named Rachel Lapierre is happily following the same. 55-year-old Lapierre, a former beauty queen from Quebec was fortunate enough to win Gagnant Lifetime Lottery in 2013. From this lucky draw she is going to keep receiving $ 1000 as a stipend on every week for the rest of her life. Instead of spending the money on lavish possessions, she decided to give it all away.

“Money is money. When you’re born you don’t have anything,” Lapierre told “And when you go, you go with nothing but your memories. You go with what you did here in life.”

Lapierre believes, happiness comes from the heart and she always promotes the good deeds wholeheartedly. She uses all of her weekly payments on running charity and brings joy to less fortunate.

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