Kindness Of Two Women Reunites Homeless Man With His Family

Alan Duffany, a 52-year-old homeless man living on the streets of Sacramento just got the best Christmas after his wish was granted by the kindness of two women. Revak saw Duffany panhandling every day while driving along the street. Just before Christmas, she saw him again. She stopped and rolled down her window, then asked Duffany ‘Alan, if there was something I could get you for Christmas, what would that be?'”. His response was instant “I just want to get home to see my sister” Duffany said. When Revak told him she is going to make it happen, he put his hands in his face and started crying. So Revak and her friend Stephanie Rice set up a plan to fulfill Duffany’s Christmas wish. The two women bought a ticket for Duffany to travel by bus to his sister’s home and also outfitted him with brand new clothes. After a 64 hour trip, Duffany just got the best Christmas present ever – with the help of two kind strangers. Watch the beautiful video below.