Woman Reunites With The Bone Marrow Donor Who Saved Her Life 3 Years Ago

“Everyone is special to someone”! Three years ago Carly Nguyen didn’t know if she would find a bone marrow match as she battled with leukemia..But God’s plan was great. He sent a stranger to save her life.

Gerard Bao, who believed “To save someone’s life is the best thing one can possibly do” was happy to help anyone. When he found his bone marrow was matching to Nguyen, he donated his bone marrow to save her precious life!

After a long time, on Friday she met her hero to thank him for the great love! The heartwarming video shows the touching reunion of Nguyen and Gerard! As they embraced each other, it becomes an evidence to say that there is someone who cares for someone’s life! At the right time at the right place they will come with their kindness and love to save us!

Thank God, Nguyen wants to become a nurse, because she is inspired to care for the needy!