Woman Meets Man Who Received Her Late Husband’s Face In This Emotional Video

Sixteen months after Lilly Rose agreed to let use her late husband’s face in a facial transplantation after he committed suicide and now she meets the man who received the face transplant and their emotions are indescribable!!

After a 56 hour surgery at Mayo Clinic, another man Andy Sandness is now wears the face of Lilly’s high school sweet heart, Calen Ross! Surprisingly Andy too had tried to take his own life, committing suicide and had been living in shame with the misshapen face for the past 10 years !But now having had his image restored to normalcy he is too happy in his wings to live the rest of his life. Andy was the first patient to ever undergo such a surgery and the clinic orchestrated this meeting between Lilly and the recipient of her husband’s visage this week. I am sure you are watching an uncommon event!

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