Woman Finds Newborn Buried Alive, 20 Years Later They Reunite

This touching story has happened on year 1998. A woman named, Azita Milanian was jogging with her dogs in the foothills of Altadena, California. On that particular day one of her dogs smelled something unusual and it started scratching at the dirt. When she walked over to the dog, what she saw was a new born baby buried alive in the dirt. She saw two tiny feet sticking out from that shallow grave in the foothills with its umbilical cord still attached. And while she was clearing the dirt from his mouth and nose, the child grabbed her wrist and stopped crying! She then called 911 and the baby was nursed back to health at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. The child was  eventually adopted by someone and named Matthew Whitaker.

However Milanian’s heart was still missing him and was in search for the baby she rescued. Over the years she has been badly haunted by his memory and wanted to find him somehow! Even though she tried repeatedly to locate him but couldn’t. That’s when a producer for “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” heard  about Whitaker’s story and he did some detective work to find him. Fortunately he could locate Whitaker and helped Milanian to meet him again!

Thank God ! They met again! The touching video shows the emotional reunion of Milanian with her ‘20 year old child’. She was seen struggling to control her tears to embrace him again and again. Its too much for anyone to witness such overwhelming reunion!

Later on, she took him to the hiking trail where she found him and what he said was so true without someone who loved him and wanted him to live!

“This could have been my grave,” Whitaker said.

Milanian replied softly, “You were wanted.”