Wife Drops Dead on Hike, Heart Restarted 5 Times. When Eyes Open, Knows She Saw Jesus: ‘It’s Real’

Even though she drops dead for a while, what she saw in the darkest hour of her life is so real. She saw heaven and Jesus standing at the Gate. Now after 5 times of continues heart failure the woman is back to life to share her “real” experience!

Tina and her husband, Brian Hines went out on an early spring hike on Feb 12. During the hike Tina suddenly collapsed and her heart stopped beating! Immediately Brian gave her CPR and brought his wife back to life. By the time the Paramedics arrived on scene her heart gave out again and they could resuscitated her. Within short time, her heart stopped beating three times, and when she was brought back the fifth time, she said she saw heaven!

“It was so real, the colors were so vibrant,” Tina said. She saw black gates and Jesus standing in front of them. Finally when she was back on John C Lincoln Deer Valley hospital, she did write on a piece of paper “Its Real”!

“God did this amazing miracle and truly every day improving and truly every day improving and feeling incredibly, amazingly strong, rested in Him and thrilled knowing I am improving daily!!” She was happy to have it altogether for a beautiful testimony!!

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