Kind Woman Shelters Dad And Newborn Who Are Unable To Fly Home

A woman was kind enough to shelter a dad and his newborn, who were unable to fly home. Her kind gesture of loving compassion brought up an unlikely friendship between both of them!Woman from Phoenix and a man from Cleveland who were once stranger is now a family bonded in love!  And its all because of Rubin Swifts 4 days old baby who were not allowed to fly home by Sky Harbor Aircraft Authorities!

Rubin Swift came to Phoenix to pick up his newborn daughter, RU –Andria. He had just been granted custody of his daughter and wanted to fly home to Cleveland with her new daughter. But when he arrived at the airport, he was told that he cannot fly with Ru-Andria who was just 4 days old.Because the Frontier Airlines’ policy states that the babies under seven days cannot fly!

Swift was left out with no choice to stay back at Phoenix for three more days to get his baby along with him. That’s when this kind lady, Joy Ringhofer came forward to help him at the right time! Rignfoer volunteers at Banner University Medical Center, where Ru-Andria was born. She met Swift when he came to pick up Ru-Andria! After leaving the airport, Swift decided to call Ringhofer for help and her answer was really a surprise for Swift!

“I am coming to get you and take you home” . She responded to his call…

“I had such a strong feeling that I needed to do this for him, I know he was a kind and safe man to have in my home and he has been a perfect gentleman.”Ringhofer said.

He never thought she will be that generous until she came and picked them to her own house and sheltered him for the next three days until Ru-Andria was able to fly!Swift is also happy to have such great grandmother who loves them with colors of love and have enough words to extend his gratitude of love!

“She’s fed me, she loves my baby, she took care of me. She’s the grandmother to my child now. She looks after me, and I am grateful…”

Finally the dad and child flew back to Cleveland on Tuesday, and will be back shortly to visit this loving stranger who had become his “family”!