Boy Born With Genetic Disorder Inspires Everyone With Lessons In Courage And Acceptance

Initially the parent’s hearts were broken seeing the disfigured uncommon face of their bay boy and later on the boy’s heart was broken to hear others calling him monster! Eventually all culminated to be a wonderful event with a Wonder Boy inspiring others with lessons in courage and acceptance! A remarkable television event which took 3 years in the making followed Nathaniel Newman and his family making a wonderful event “20/20 Special Event Wonder Boy” is truly an incredible journey!

Nathaniel Newman was born with a cranio facial condition known as Treacher Collins Syndrome, an extremely rare genetic medical condition in the medical history and by the age of 11 Nathaniel had to undergo 53 surgeries to have his current figure! This uncommon boy becomes a wonder boy when his father Russell Newman had a job related relocation. There Miss Elizabeth Vargas met him at the school and this 12 year old boy was sending  letters to all saying “treat me like everyone else” because he knew he was different! Newman’s family was highly impacted by the book named “Wonder” because of the main character of the book named “Auggie”Pullman and  our Nathaniel was closely similar in nature! Such a Wonder, Auggie’s face was deformed like Nathaniel and both of them faced many difficulties at their middle school time!

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