Fast Food Worker Hand Feeds Disabled Man In Touching Act of Kindness

The heartwarming video shows a kind hearted Brazilian fast food employee hand feeds a man with disabilities. An employee in Salvador, Brazil is serving one of his customer who has disability of the arms and leg in the most loving way. He spoon feeds his food with great care and sincere love and the gentleman seems delighted with his special service!

His kind gesture of hospitality was good enough to draw the attention of other customers as well. And a woman named Laurinha Victoris who has eye witnessed this beautiful gesture has captured the happy moments to share it with everyone. She has posted this touching video with a caption saying

“Today I was taken by emotion with tears in eyes, seeing this scene at the north mall food square”!

She even made sure to greet this employee with a warm blessing saying “God Bless You”!

Don’t you think, watching him feeding his “human brother” in such love will prompt us to say the same thing…“God Bless you”!

Hoje fui tomada pela emoção com lágrimas nos olhos , ao vê essa cena na praça de alimentação do Norte shopping …
O rapaz que tem deficiência na perna e nos braços ja havia me pedido.para pegar seu alimento quando fosse solicitado.. quando me levantei, esse funcionário ja estava levando até a mesa…
O funcionário do restaurante Giraffas , dando comida na boca do cliente .
Essa é a verdadeira caridade, que coisa linda.
Cheguei para ele e disse, que gesto lindo vc está tendo .. Deus lhe abençoe.

Posted by Laurinha Victória on Saturday, April 7, 2018