Girl Singing A Cappella ‘You Raise Me Up’ Is So Beautiful

“When he has found it, He lays it in His shoulders, rejoicing” (Luke 15:5)

Talented girl Noemi Luciani from Italy singing the beautiful rendition “You Raise Me Up” is simply beautiful! Her voice is blending well with the immense meanings in the song’s lyrics! Watching her singing in such passion and love will leave you in complete rest and peace! The song reminds me of the faithfulness of God in raising me up from every fall!

Our God is faithful to raises us from every trials and temptations surrounding us. No matter how difficult the circumstance may look like, His divine power will empower us to rise above each and every trouble! He has equipped us with His own power, so that we can stand on mountains and walk on every stormy sea! Even when we go astray and walk in the valley of the shadow of death He will come searching for His sheep. And the good Shepherd will rescue and will carry us on His shoulder rejoicing! We only have to stand still to witness His mighty deliverance!

We who have tasted such wonderful deliverance in our faith walk can sing it together “When I am down….you raise me up on your shoulder”!