Adorable Young Cancer Patient Dancing To Doctor’s Music Will Melt Your Heart

A kind doctor goes above and beyond to help his patients to fill their days with little fun and happiness. Dr Martins brought his ukulele to cheer up the older patients at his clinic and a younger patient also got entertained with his ukulele. He played a song for one of his little patient who is suffering from Cancer, and his way of caring for his patients are well displayed over this little girl’s cute dancing!

Battling a deadly decease like cancer is the worst part in anyone’s life. That too when the innocent kids are its victims, its quite difficult to understand it altogether! This young girl named Sophia is diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. Despite being under treatment, this girl is a trooper for keeping a positive attitude throughout her treatment. And her joyous way of enjoying the ukulele will melt our hearts with tears of joy!

The adorable footage was filmed in the pediatric oncology ward of the Hospital das Clinicas of Ribeirao Preto. As soon as she heard Dr Paulo Martins playing ukulele, she started looking at him and the kind doctor played a song just for Sophia! I am sure watching her dancing with much passion will boost up the energy of many to receive their miracle healing!

Let’s hold all of them in our prayers to endure the battle and come out victoriously!