12-Year-Old Gives Up Birthday Gifts To Help 4-Year-Old With Rare Cancer

A 12 year old is becoming a paragon for many by giving up her birthday gifts to help save a 4 year old with cancer decease. Instead of taking gifts for her 12th birthday Logan Wilson organizes a “Fun Run” to benefit Piper Waneka. When she decided to hold a fundraiser to help the child with cancer, she was credited to join the ranks of children who do selfless acts of kindness out of the goodness of their hearts.

Logan got the idea to help Piper from a book she read, named “Choose to Matter”! The book was written by two time Olympic gold medalist Julie Foudy.

“ I read the book that inspired me and the main message was to -Choose To Matter”!

Piper was diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumor named DIPG in June. Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma is found only in children and is currently without a cure or treatment. After meeting Piper, Logan was moved in love to donate her birthday to holding a ‘fun run’ to raise money for this rare decease. What she choose to do inspired even other kids to cancel their birthday parties and join Logan in fundraising efforts.And Logan, with the help of her parents looped the 4 year old in her “fun run” plans and it becomes more meaningful.Now with Logan’s help, Pipers legacy will be carried on even after her battle with cancer and awareness for DIPG will be spread more effectively.

“I hope they just find a cure and work harder and make it better for families who are experiencing it”

Truly this young girls ambition is worth praising! We hope and pray that little Piper will be healed by God in a miraculous way!

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