Young Girl Prays For A Sibling For Entire Year, Cries Tears Of Joy As She Finds Out ‘Big Sister’ Shirt

A young girl named Maya earnestly desired for a sibling. She wished for a sweet baby to welcome to the family. She was so serious about her desire. She prayed for more than a year to God to give her a sibling someday! And when her prayer was answered, this sweet little girl couldn’t contain her emotions.

Maya’s parents knew their daughter is praying for a sibling. And when they discovered the answer has come, they wanted to share the big news with their daughter in a special way. The adorable video shows the little girl is handed over with a gift bag and getting her big news in a big way. Maya was little confused to pull out a T shirt from the bag and when she unfold it, she read the words printed on the front of it. The little girl was in real disbelief and had to look to her mom for a confirmation! When the happy mother nodded a YES, it was just the beginning of her joy and she burst into tears of joy and fell into her father’s arms!

Finally the mother showed her a scanned evidence saying “Did you know your prayers were that powerful?” . Now the happy family is all set to welcome a sibling for Maya “I’m going to be a big sister. January 2019” !

Future big sister gets emotional with baby reveal

After praying for a sibling for more than a year, Maya gets emotional when she finds out her mom is expecting a baby.

Posted by azcentral on Sunday, July 1, 2018