Young Boy Asks Mom To Stop The Car So He Can Help An Elderly Woman Up The Stairs

This young boy’s random act of kindness is well noticed and deserved to be shared! 8-year-old, Maurice Adams Jr was in the car with his mother and sister when he saw an elderly woman crossing the road. When he realized the woman is in need to climb the steps, he asked his mom to stop the car to help support her. He ran over to the woman and held her arm as she slowly took each stair.

The adorable video was captured by an onlooker and he felt the need to share it with everyone. Truly it’s too heartwarming to see the courteous act of an young boy in helping a woman in the midst of his journey. Reaching at the top of the stairs, the woman gave him a hug with a special note of appreciation!

“She told him that he’s special.”

Maurice’s mother, Contricia Hill is happy and proud to see her son’s act of kindness is published on the internet. They never knew someone is filming it until they saw it over the internet!  Thank You Riley Duncan for sharing this beautiful video!

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