Young Man Honors A Veteran By Paying For His Items At Walmart

An old veteran was happy to experience a “good day” and proudly walked out from the Walmart store knowing someone was grateful for him! A man’s selfless deed for a veteran at a lowa Walmart store has been praised by millions after one shopper who has witnessed the “kind gesture” has posted it on her Facebook page.

Alana Ruthann was absorbed in her own world of technology, when she witnessed this beautiful exchange between two men ahead of her. Getting off from the cell phone, she was curious to know the matter and was stunned to hear that  20 seconds conversation. The young man who was waiting at the line told the old military veteran standing near to him that “Sir, I’m paying for your items because you paid by serving my country and I’m grateful for you”!

Seems like the young man was determined to honor the veteran as he scanned his card and paid for both of them. After saying one more thank you to the veteran, this young guy left out quickly! And the veteran was still in shock and asked the cashier on counter while picking his items” what do I do now”! The cashier responded him with a warm smile “You have a good day”! Perplexed and feeling honored he readjusted his Veteran ball cap and walked away with his ” good day”!

Alana Ruthann was amazed to see such great gesture of love and its demonstration in such short time !It was all done in a span of 20 seconds, but the interaction didn’t just change the veteran’s day, it has even changed the day of  Alana as well!  She was quick to take this up with the world through her Facebook page and the millions got impacted by this simple gesture of love and honor!

She wrote on her post that the old man was caught off guard by the gesture and struggled to hold his emotions in! And “My heart welled” ..she continued spreading her precious experience!

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