Young Man Started Playing Piano On Display And The Rest Was History

His amazing talent is highly recognized and millions are on the way to reach this 11 year old Mexican Talent! This young musician ,Gael Sebastian Segura Ibarra  from Queretaro who was playing the piano in San Juan del Rio store has been playing piano since he was 4 years old and become a star in no time by playing a piano in a store!

In a Liverpool store on Sunday this young boy was playing a piano on a display piece and his music has captured the heart of a lady named Edna Samore and instantly she uploaded this impromptu performance on her Facebook account drawing millions of hearts!Someone from the  department store also shared the video to Liverpool’s own Facebook page along with a message saying it wished to get in touch with him and many more were responding saying “Can you help us find him?” Finally the store could hear from this young star , when he thanked readers for their help and love!

Eventually many commentators urged Liverpool to give the young man a piano and the store truly wants to support this Mexican talent and asked to follow the social networks to find out how this story ends!<