Mom’s Beautiful Song Puts Adorable Baby Girl To Sleep

Mothers have been singing to their babies to lull them to sleep for centuries and it always works, research done at Université de Montréal also has proved the efficiency of lullabies.


A cute clip of a mother singing lullabies to put her baby to sleep, is melting hearts online.

The video shows the young mom bouncing her baby daughter on her knee and suddenly the piano introduction to Rachel Platten’s “Better Place” floods the room.

The mom, Edwards starts singing along and from the little girl’s expressions it’s clear that she loves the sound of her mama’s voice.

Edwards sings, “Your touch is sunlight through the trees, your kisses are the ocean breeze,” croons Edwards lovingly. The little lady she’s holding gradually grows calm and serene.

“And I hold my favorite thing, I hold the happiness you bring,” continues Edwards. A few measures later, she intones the sunny chorus, “It’s a better place since you came along.”

True enough the baby yawns contentedly and her eyelids begin to close as the music keeps playing and soon she snuggles her head against Mom’s supportive shoulder.


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