If you believe that someone infringed your copyright by posting or publishing your material on FaithPot. You (Rights Holder or the owner) should notify us immediately. Before sending us notice, the content owner or the rights holder are requested to consult a lawyer to better understand your rights and legal obligations under the DMCA and any other applicable laws. You must provide the following information,details,documents to file a Notice of Infringing Material.

(i) Nature of the copyrighted material with its title, author name or any U.S. Copyright Registration number, URL etc.
(ii) Sufficient information (URL, Post Title etc.) to identify your content on our website.
(iii) Your communication address (phone, address or email) to contact you.
(iv) A statement that the particular material or content are not permitted or authorized by the rights holder or the copyright owner to use on FaithPot.
(v) A statement, under penalty of perjury, that the information you provided in the notification is accurate and genuine and you (right holder) are an authorized person to act on behalf of the copyright owner.
(vi) Your electronic signature.

Once we verify the claim is genuine, we may temporarily or permanently remove your infringed material or content from our site.

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