Privacy Policy collects user information to make the site more better and user-friendly. It includes logs, cookies and personal information.

To track the number of visits and analyse the data. FaithPot refers to logs which includes your ip-addess, geolocation, browser name, details about the pages you visited and number of clicks you made while browsing the page.
FaithPot uses cookies to show content based on user preferences and to provide accurate information based on your choice.
Google Adsense
FaithPot is a partner of Google Adsense. Adsense uses cookies on our site to show relevant advertisements to end users based on their interests. You are able to allow or disallow the use of cookie by visiting the ad settings page.

Personal Information
FaithPot may collect personal information (name, email, phone number or any information about you) of a user under certain circumstances.
(i) Submitting your content
FaithPot allows you to submit your content to publish on our site. You need to provide your name and email address with the content. Don’t worry, we will only publish your name along with your content to give credits.
(ii) Newsletter Signup
FaithPot uses newsletters to share the latest content, news and promotions on our site with the users. We collects your name and email address while signing up for the newsletter. We respect your privacy. FaithPot will not share your information with anyone.
(iii) Social Media
FaithPot uses different social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Whatsapp, Pinterest, to share, post comment or interact with other FaithPot users. Your information will be publically visible when you comment or share the content with your social profile. FaithPot has no control over your social media privacy, It can be change in the corresponding site privacy settings.

Validity Of Policy
FaithPot may change this Privacy Policy periodically. By using or accessing our website after the policy change, you agree that you read and accepted the updated privacy policy.
If you have any questions regarding your privacy on FaithPot, Please contact us: