‘It Is Really A Christmas Miracle’ Says Man Who Narrowly Escaped Death After His Car Was Impaled by a Guardrail

A man and his friend survive unscathed, miraculously, after their car was impaled by a guard rail when it skidded off an icy road in Stark County, Ohio.


23-year-old Jimmy Burchett and his best friend Anthony Fisher were on their way to a family celebration when their Dodge charger skidded off and struck a guard rail, which went through the car and exited out the back window.

The first reports from the scene did not have any hint of occupants surviving the crash. The troopers of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and firefighters with the Sandy Creek Joint Fire District were not optimistic.

Soon after the car ran through the guardrail, Jimmy found himself pinned by the guardrail which made breathing hard and when he was finally able to move slightly, he closed his eyes and began to pray.

Volunteer firefighters then arrived at the scene, and along with some group of good Samaritans they worked together to try and lift up the guardrail to free Burchett. Jimmy’s dad, Jeff, a former police officer, and his mom, a nurse were contacted by a witness. They also arrived at the scene and helped.

“I’m just eternally grateful to God and then everyone that helped down there to get him out of there,” Jeff Burchett expressed.

As for Jimmy, he explains that it was a miracle that he and his friend survived, judging by the damage the car suffered from the crash. “It’s incredible, really a Christmas miracle. So, I’m just blessed that we were able to get out of it,” he said.

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