Retiring Janitor Breaks Down In Tears When Children Makes Him ‘King For A Day’

An 83-year-old retiring janitor received the surprise of a lifetime, from staff and children of the school, at his retirement party.


John Lockett, aka Mr John, was made “King for a Day” at his send-off party where he was greeted by around 685 kids at Sand Hill Elementary School in Carrollton, Georgia.

83-year-old Lockett, served as a janitor at the school, for more than a decade, after a career in construction.

“He was so surprised that he just cried with the kids,” principal Carla Meigs said. She added, “It was so sweet. He is a very humble, hardworking, just dedicated to the job. He is as good as they come.”

Mr. John is retiring on May 24, but the school gave him a retirement party a week beforehand.

His wife of 25 years, Annie Lockett, was a part of the surprise.

The principal, Meigs said that the children gave him a crown, cape and told him it was “Mr. John Day.”

She said, it was the best day to celebrate him and make it all about him.

Mr. John said he just “loves the kids.” He added, “This school means so much to me,” in an email he wrote. “I really love my job, it is for the kids.”

Now that he is retiring, Mr. John will be spending more time with his grandchildren and great grandchildren.